Hexa-Tek Repair

406 Baker ave.

PO Box 1079

Salmo, BC V0G1Z0

Ph & Fax: 250 357 9271

WARRANTY & RETURN POLICY: Seven(7) days limited warranty on OEM CPU(processors) without purchasing motherboard or system. Thirty(30) days limited warranty on applicable retail boxed parts. One(1) years limited warranty on custom-built computer system(components including CPU, motherboard, memory, hard drive, video card, keyboard, OEM mouse, case, modem, OEM sound card, network card). NO warranty for damaged items caused by physical, trial error, or virus. Returns for refund or exchange are available ONLY within 15 days from the invoice date, and are subject to approval and 15% restocking charge. Merchandise purchased as refurbished or auction has a 30 days parts and labour warranty.

After that period, items are often covered by a manufacturer's warranty, but will vary depending on the product in question. Please refer to the manufacturer's web site for details.

All components have been tested to be in working order, however some components (such as the case or optical drive ) may have minor scratches and dents.

Component Warranty applies only to components purchased from Hexatek Repair.

Data Loss; Responsibility for Backups of data and data integrity rests with Hexatek clients.

Hexatek Repair makes backups and images to ensure best case data and system integrity when Hexatek Repair deems required or is instructed by Hexatek clients to do so. Sole responsibility for current data backup and data integrity rests with Hexatek Clients. Hexatek Repair will not be responsible for data or system loss.