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Current rates (Feb. 2009) are $50.00 per hour with base rates for some operations. For example Clean spyware/virus is two hours ($100.00) Charge rate is influenced by condition of PC system; In other words it will cost more than two hours if the virus has eaten half your software and restoration is required or desired by yourself.

Where feasible pickup and delivery of computer is possible.

Computer may be dropped at work site, 406 Baker ave Salmo, BC.

Please note; call before dropoff is preferred. 250 357 9271

Normally Monday through Thursday, 9:00am to 5:30pm applies; However as Call outs are not predictable, please phone ahead..

Mailing address;

Hexa-Tek Repair

Box 1079

Salmo, BC

V0G 1Z0

I am very email oriented and check my mail frequently per day. as such contact me at hexatek@hexatek.ca

Where necessary for system integrity or client preference backups will be made. Short term backup is to Hard disk, long term to DVD or CD.

Only when absolutely necessary will fresh OS (operating System ) install be done. “Usually” data or configuration will not be lost. However a data corruption by software or hardware failure may leave little choice..

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