How do I know what to Buy?

Remember, the older the Model CPU, Ram, Motherboard the quicker replacement or upgrade parts evaporate... But do your requirements make this matter unimportant?

Basic Computer includes Business client

Home PC


Most Basic computers will easily double as a basic business workstation.. Basic also means it is also almost out of style.

Requirements are from Basic to Gamer depending on user.

High end graphics, speedier processor, and lots of memory

CPU reasonably current and cache is unimportant

XP Ram 256 mb works but 512 mb works well

Win7*Vista Home Ram 512 mb

Really Vista needs 1GB +

Hard drive 40 gb

CDRW is adequate but DVD/CDRW is best base

Floppy Older installs still require this

Video/Sound on Motherboard is fine

CPU reasonably current to newer with larger cache

Ram 512 mb or more

Win7*Vista 1GB but 2 GB is better start

Hard drive 80 gb or more ATA or SATA


Floppy for compatibility?

Video/Sound on motherboard might be fine

Best and Newest you can afford

Keyboard and mouse are personal taste and requirements. Wireless (takes batteries) and may also be of no value to usage.

Power bar should have 6 ports at least. You will also have components with external power supplies to connect. (Speakers, High speed Modem, etc.)

Speakers and or headphone/mike are also to personal taste and quality requirements.

Monitors basically are going to LCD type, especially as the quality and price of LCD improves. As of this date, Feb 2006, CRT (normal) still provides the best in graphics. That aside, for most users, non Graphics oriented (this does not include Gamers and some business applications) the LCD monitor takes less space and has no radiation. As well LCD has a good expected lifespan of 20 to 25 years. This is of course Dependant on the accompanying LCD construction materials standing up as well as the screen.

Operating System is usually Windows for compatibility reasons.. Linux does Email, Internet, Office just as well but may have short comings in some areas.

Power supplies are growing in wattage to allow for higher speeds and more capacity. In other words 300/350 watt are base power and insufficient for new computer graphics Cards and multiple Hard drives/DVD/CD drives..

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